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Welcome to the Ready in the Middle (RITM) Surveys Page.

Ready in the Middle is one of six programs related to youth preparedness and youth leadership that are offered by Mississippi State University Extension.  This specific program developed out of a need to fill the rapidly expanding requests from pre-teens and their families who wanted to be included in MyPI, our capstone and four-time national award-winning youth preparedness program offered to teens, families, and communities.  MyPI, a proud Affirmer of the National Strategy for Youth Preparedness Education, is currently being taught in formal school settings and outside schools across the nation.  MyPI content and the program itself was deemed a bit too aggressive, with skills too complex and assignments too ambitious for pre-teens.  However, rather than simply turn them away altogether, a new program was developed that was similarly based in terms of content, youth focus, and family inclusiveness.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, several additional changes were made to the curriculum that made the program unique enough to extend the original age range.  Now, the program is offered for ages 9 to 19.

Ready in the Middle seeks to: a.) engage the entire household, b.) identify and mitigate risks and hazards in and around the house, and finally c.) provide solutions to enhance safety and preparedness.  The program specifically addresses risks and hazards in children’s bedrooms, baby nurseries, adult bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and laundry areas as well as outdoor areas like a backyard and/or pool area.  The program also focuses on safety and risks related to electrical wires, cords, outlets, heating and cooling elements, and firearms.  Finally, there is an added focus on emergency equipment and local emergency contact information, as well as family preparedness planning that includes escape plans, communication plans, insurance, and first aid kits. 

We are proud to make this program available across the nation through certified RITM National instructors, trained and certified by a Ready in the Middle National Training Team and/or individual Ready in the Middle State/Territory Program Managers. 

Of note, Ready in the Middle is not a pre-requisite to begin a MyPI but it does set the stage quite well for the more comprehensive and engaging MyPI.

Below you will find two links, one for the RITM Pre-Survey and one for the RITM Post-Survey.  The Pre-Survey is to be completed before course delivery of RITM begins.  The Post-Survey is to be completed at the conclusion of the entire course delivery.  Both surveys are to be completed by students participating in the program. 

In order to complete the Surveys, students will be assigned a unique Participant ID Number by the RITM Instructor. Please record that Participant ID Number and follow the respective links provided below.

Thank you for your participation in RITM and we look forward to seeing the impact that it has on your life as well as on risk awareness and hazard mitigation within your household.