For students in the 27 participating states and 3 territories, the four-time, national award-winning MyPI model offers a flexible and comprehensive, 5 to 10-week (on average), three component, youth preparedness/youth leadership program.

In Component A, teenagers will complete the United States Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency-certified CERT training and corresponding modules focusing on Disaster Preparedness, Fire Safety and Utility Control, Disaster Medical Operations, Light Search and Rescue, CERT Organization, Disaster Psychology, and Terrorism and CERT.

In Component B, the Add-On Catalog features opportunities for certification in CPR and AED usage, along with a technology track comprised of awareness programs focusing on HAM Radio, NOAA Weather Radio, Smoke Alarm Maintenance, Smart Phone App and Social Media usage in Emergency Preparedness. Additionally, the Add-On Catalog features a school safety module often through the highly regarded Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) class made possible by a partnership with Texas State University’s ALERRT, and through a partnership with NOAA, MyPI students have the opportunity to receive further guidance and education through the Skywarn Storm Spotter program. The Add-On Catalog also includes a Disaster simulation, and a Career Track that focuses on public safety, fire service, and emergency management careers.

The final element of the program, Component C, includes a comprehensive family and community service project entitled "Prep + 6" in which each participant helps develop emergency supply kits and family communication plans for their household AND 6 additional households. This component allows for significant enhancement in individual, family, and community preparedness and resilience. To graduate from the program, students must complete all components.

Image showing Newspaper boy yelling extra extra read all about itAttention Potential MyPI Students, Parents of Students, Potential Instructors and/or Community Leaders!

If you are interested in participating in MyPI in one of the current deliveries in any of the 27 partnered states or 3 territory programs, please visit the “Contact Us” tab on this website for the appropriate State/Territory Program Coordinator for more information.

If you are interested in bringing MyPI to a state/territory that is not currently offering MyPI, we would like to hear from you. Please contact the MyPI National Project Coordinator, Dr. Ryan Akers. Dr. Akers’ information can also be found by visiting the “Contact Us” tab on this website.